Swipe Credit Card Terminal App Reviews

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This has help my business significantly

Once I started using this app, my business has grown. It's so convenient and easy to use. As long as I have my phone (which is all the time) I can take payments anytime. The customers love that I can take credit and debit cards.

Old faithful

6+ years and still using it, I love it. Recommend it 100%!

Made me Happy!!!

Yesterday I had a client who asked if she could pay me by credit card and normally it would have been fine, I would have gone home and sent her a bill through Paypal, but her Internet connection is down. I came home downloaded this app, integrated my Paypal account, and now I'm a very happy, paid consultant! I am however, sad all of these people who think that they know how to run businesses, but believe that credit card processing is free of fees! This app is .99 cents!!!! Get real, normally you would pay hundreds and still have to sign a contract for a mobile terminal. Paypal has no contracts and the "terminal" in this case is less than $1. You couldn't ask for better. Thanks App Ninjas!

Reliable app

I've been using this app for about two years to run credit cards for my small business. It is very reliable and easy to use. Two areas for improvement: when there is an error in processing, it doesn't tell me what has caused it. Also they don't have phone support. So I have to send an email and wait for a response.

Great tool

This app has worked wonderfully for taking payments from the US, Canada and Costa Rica. Love it!

7.0.3 does not read credit cards

Prior to upgrading to iOS 9, everything worked. Post-upgrade, the reader stopped reading. Tested on 2 ipads and 3 different readers.

Swipe cc

Works great with our merchant PayPal account and one of the lowest rates out there for credit card processing, even beats Paypals own rate with the card reader (shhh )


I use this all the time to process credit cards. I have used it for years. Much better and easier than other ones. Interfaces with Paypal very well and surpasses the Paypal swiper as well. I can use overseas, with Paypal Here we cannot. So this is wonderful.

Excellent App... Must Have

If you process credit cards... Get this App

Love it!

I use this all the time as a photographer to capture a sale at the moment.

Fantastic App!

I had been using another credit swiper that was working good until they changed it and had to use them to process the cards. Then found this one and glad I did. I have a choice to either keep using my current processor or use App Ninjas. It's very easy to setup and use.... And I can log in on their site and see all my transactions. Nicely done.

I love swipe

I've been using swipe since I opened my salon, and I have been very satisfied is very easy to use ,, So happy with their business

Great app for processing with your merchant!!

I use this app for processing Visa MasterCard and Discover though my merchant account with Authorize.net. It is very fast and easy to use. You can set up products inside the app, so if you have a few products that you sell frequently, you can enter those in to pull up later very quickly. Overall a great program!


Always works wonderful. Ninjas are very helpful too.


Works remarkably great for me when I'm in the field Doing art shows. Highly recommended!

Easy to use

Very user friendly and great turn around time!

So simple!! :)

I love this app! It makes my life so much easier!!

Easy to use!

This an is super easy to use. Have had no problems.


My company has used this app for several years now. Not sure how it compares to others because I have never had a need to look at others.

Very easy to use

After searching and reviewing apps for a year we settled on this one. Super easy! Customers love it.

so far great!

Love love love this app and their swipers !


Quick simple and inexpensive

Great app!!!

I love the functionality!

Works great

Sweet app. It has saved me money and time on a monthly basis. I've called them for support and they actually answer the phone too. That's awesome!! By the way. They didn't write this review. I'm an actual consumer.

Swipe App

Great App for a business owner who is on the go. I use it everyday.

Fast and efficient

I use this as my main point of sale swiper. The convenience is stellar. The email receipt function handy. Also, to be able to save client's info is a major plus. The swipe app has replaced my traditional dial up terminal. Recommended.

Easy to use

The app really is easy to use. It captures and batches everything needed for credit card sales on the go and lines up with my merchant account perfectly. The only downside is the card reader is expensive ($80 or so) compared to other mobile processing apps. It's still a very good app though.

Very awesome app!!!

This app has been great for me. Been using it now since 2009. Makes it easy to take payments anytime and anywhere. When I'm at trade shows, people comment on how cool it is that I cam take payment over the phone. Very happy and looking forward to future releases of this app. Thank you!!!


This app is user friendly and quick! Highly recommended for all businesses needing Credit Card processing.


Amazing app! Works perfectly every time!

This app keeps getting better!

We use this on site for payment processing after boat tours, right at the dock. The AppNinjas are one of the most responsive dev teams I've encountered and are ninja-quick to add new features. We started with v1.x, and v4.x is the best yet! Thank you, Ninjas, and keep up the great work.

Not bad but...

Good clean app. Would like to see ability to copy transaction id to the clipboard in future release...


You pay lots in monthly fees. This app goes

Great App, $79 for a swiper???

This app works as intended, but $79 for a shuttle swiper is beyond criminal. I was content with the App till that point what nerve one must have to charge that much for a reader.

Swipe for iPhone 5

Excellent accessory to my special events business! Immediate email notification of each transaction and email batch at end of day.

Card reader

Why is the card reader so much? When I tried calling to set up a new account no one answered.

Simple and it works!

I use it through my own Paypal account and it is even better than the Free PP here. If you run your own business this app is perfect for public transactions.

Swipe App Ninjas for IPhone

Just about flawless in all transactions. Been using it for a few years. Would be great if there was someway to continue entering information while answering a call or just securely saving client information for repeat customers without having to re-enter information everytime.

Works great

Use this dockside for my charter boat. Authorize dot net works smoothly. I also added the iPad swiper now for trades shows. Great app


I love this. App. It is easy to use and a great tool especially when I am off site and need to accept credit cards. This app is excellent. Have been using for quite some time now in my retail. Using it anytime almost anywhere. Love it!!!! Don't muck it up.

Great App - no problems at all in 2 years!!

Big Fan.

Bus. Mgr

This is a great solution for processing credit cards off site.

No Sales Tax functionality

If you use for business Don't use this! There is NO Tax functionality and company lies to you that it will be added. If I could rate them a negative I would.

This app embarrassed me twice in front of my clients!

Each time it told me transaction was in test mode or can not be completed, causing me to try multiple times. Which resulted in two transactions of the same amount somehow successfully but only registered one transaction in history. I needed up having to apologize to my clients and refund which cost me refund fees. Will abandon this app today!!


This app is the best. We use it at all our shows!


Very good app it WORKS GRATE thank you and I will recommend to everyone

Swipe pro

Works well for my business. 3 route trucks average about 10-20 transactions a day per truck. Never had an issue in 2-3 years. Would like email memory or receipt text capability.

Reliable and stable

Our organization attends various events and due to the popularity of our dog supplements the VitaHound staff requires a fast reliable method for processing cc fast while interacting with the customer and the swipe works great.

The best!

This app has worked great for me and my customers. They love how fast and intuitive it is.

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